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To be embodied means to inhabit one’s self.


What clients discover over time, as they engage embodiment practices, is that their sense of self changes. They discover a previously unknown wholeness, aliveness, well-being, and freedom.


I teach embodiment using meditations from the Realization Process, a school of embodied nondual realization developed by Judith Blackstone. The foundational meditation teaches you how to inhabit the internal space of your body. Inhabiting the body in this way brings us into contact with an aspect of our being known as fundamental consciousness. What we come to realize, paradoxically, is that fundamental consciousness pervades not only our whole body but also the environment. 

Our awake, aware conscious nature is discovered to exist both throughout the internal space of our body and everything around us.


As we begin to live from this place of fundamental consciousness, we feel more grounded, centered, and capable of meeting the full range of human experience. We feel that we can take up space in the world. This is especially helpful for sensitive people who tend to feel easily intruded upon or who merge and fuse with others. We have a palpable sense of our existence which engenders a profound sense of self-confidence and self-love and is healing.

Simultaneously, the barrier between ourselves and others dissolves, and we have a sense of continuity or oneness with our environment. We’re able to maintain a connection with ourselves while also remaining open to a relationship with life in its myriad forms.


I am certified as a Realization Process Healing Ground Teacher (Spiritual Psychotherapy) and Realization Process Embodiment Teacher. To learn more about the Realization Process please visit

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Our mind wanders incessantly, but our body and senses are always in the present. To investigate our embodied experience is to investigate the living present..
~Anne C. Klein
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