About Me


I am a licensed psychologist in Utah with 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups in various psychiatric centers, university counseling centers, community clinics, and private practice. This breadth of experience has taught me about the spectrum of ways different people suffer from mental distress. It has also instilled in me a fundamental trust in the human capacity to face and creatively move beyond that suffering. 


I received my doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1999 from American University in Washington, D.C. In the last ten years I have studied and published in the field of Integral Psychotherapy, an approach informed by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. I am particularly interested in somatic approaches to psychotherapy. I have completed two years of speciality training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy -- a specialized treatment for trauma and developmental/attachment wounding developed by Pat Ogden. I've also been certified in Judith Blackstone's Realization Process.

I have conducted research and written academic papers in the fields of eating disorders and integral theory. I present at conferences on these themes as well as offer supervision and consultation to colleagues. 


In addition to my formal education, my work is informed by extensive personal study in nondual spiritual traditions that focus on the union of spirit and matter (e.g., Waking Down in Mutuality, Realization Process, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism) and body-based movement schools that enhance somatic awareness (e.g., 5rhythms dance, Feldenkrais movement, Iyengar Yoga). I have a special interest in uniting conventional psychotherapy approaches and contemplative practices into a coherent whole.


I am honored to be a spiritual teacher in the nondual mystery school known as Trillium Awakening (formally known as Waking Down in Mutuality). This path helps individuals awaken to their divinely human nature, relaxing into the paradox of our identity as both finitely human and infinitely divine. Attention is also placed on conscious mutual relationships in which self and other are recognized as unique expressions of Consciousness. 


I am an avid explorer of the inner and outer dimensions of life especially via practices such as 5rhythms dance, yoga, rock climbing, meditation, photography, and intentional creativity as taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

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