Finding your ground

Most of us move through life with an inner tension held deep in our core. Have you noticed this? Unconsciously we’re on the alert for signs of physical and psychological danger. We like to know who we are, what’s happening next, and what’s expected of us. Our inner tension is a way to keep a grip on ourselves and our lives. We want to feel a sense of safety and control, even if it’s just illusory control, so as not to “lose our ground” or “lose our footing.” Paradoxically, our habitual tension obscures our ability to respond to life optimally. As we reflexively pull up and in — muscularly, emotionally, energetically — we become disconnected from our bodies and lose the very ground we seek t

The disease of busyness

I had a rare break in my work schedule a few days ago. I sauntered into the office of my colleague and asked how she was doing. She replied with exacerbation and impatience “I’m great, I’m just so busy.” With a knowing nod and somewhat defeated tone I responded, “I get it, me too.” Are you too busy? Probably the number one complaint I get from clients is: “I’m so overwhelmed, I just need a break” or “I wish I had more time, there’s so much to do.” There’s an air of urgency and exhaustion in the face of endless task lists. And then, somewhat paradoxically, they feel their resistance and in the next breath state “I can't slow down. I’m just too busy.” What is this state of busyness? How have w

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Welcome! You'll find a mix of writings here about cultivating an embodied life. Some posts are educational topics I teach in therapy. Others reflect on awareness, compassion and radical intimacy with the present moment as helpful dispositions in navigating life.

My intention, no matter what the subject, is to support your unique unfolding toward greater wholeness, creativity, and aliveness. As Howard Thurman says, '“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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