Have you been hijacked? The story of your three brains

You have a triune brain. Triune means “three in one.” While oversimplified, this model posits that we have a reptilian brain (responsible for survival functions of the body), a mammalian brain (concerned with emotions), and a neocortex (concerned with thinking). These three areas of the brain are designed to function in an integrated, cohesive manner. Do your three brains talk to each other? In clients who’ve experienced trauma and early attachment wounding, these three regions of the brain, and the way these regions process information, don’t always work well together. For example, one hypothetical client states: “I know my spouse loves me, but every time she criticizes me I get shaky and o

Fall in love with your breath

Breathing is necessary for life. It’s as simple as that. We can go without food and water for several days, but we can’t go without air for more than several minutes. Breathing is our most intimate companion that bookmarks the beginning and end of our lives. Given it’s constant presence and life giving nature, it’s worthy of our attention. Breathing well improves our physical health, regulates our emotions, and open doorways to the divine. Fall in love with your breath and you may even fall in love with life. Breathing patterns Research shows that full, relaxed and balanced breathing is vital for healthy life. Inhalation stimulates our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and helps activate th

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