Letting Go

As the days get shorter and the shadows get longer, I’m faced once again with the truth that all seasons pass. Whether it’s the movement from summer to fall, the transition from childhood to adulthood, the death of a relationship, or the passing of animals and people I love — my heart grasps at life as it was. I, like many of my clients, don't like to let go. We know intellectually, of course, that the nature of the world is impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. Yet we hang on tightly, grasping and clinging, trying desperately at times to will a different outcome. How many of us stay in the unsatisfactory job or relationship too long? How many of us fight the impending death of a loved one? T

Window of Tolerance

Do you ever feel shaky, hypervigilant, panicked? Do you shut down, go numb, feel empty? If yes, your nervous system is hard at work protecting you! One of the most important skills I teach clients in psychotherapy is to track their Window of Tolerance (see picture). This principle from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy refers to the level of activation we're experiencing in any given moment in our autonomic nervous systems. Neuroception of safety or danger Our nervous system, through a process called neuroception, instinctively evaluates whether or not we're safe. In response to neuroception, our autonomic arousal will fluctuate to a level that supports adaptive behavior. This happens without c

About this blog

Welcome! You'll find a mix of writings here about cultivating an embodied life. Some posts are educational topics I teach in therapy. Others reflect on awareness, compassion and radical intimacy with the present moment as helpful dispositions in navigating life.

My intention, no matter what the subject, is to support your unique unfolding toward greater wholeness, creativity, and aliveness. As Howard Thurman says, '“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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