Coming Alive

On my first spiritual retreat, I heard a voice from beyond whisper “I don’t want to be dead anymore, I want to be alive.” It echoed throughout the day. “I want to be alive. . . I want to be alive.” I spent my most of my childhood in a state of numbness, a frozen veil separating me from everything and everyone else. I longed to feel connected, awake, vital, pierced by life. How does one come alive? There are as many paths to aliveness as there are people on the path. And there's a way in which the question points to an unanswerable mystery beyond all comprehension. For most, a move toward aliveness involves a radical acceptance of what is. Every moment is an invitation to turn toward what's a

Embodied Listening

What's the difference between clients who do well in therapy and those who don't? According to Eugene Gendlin, successful therapy clients listen to their bodies. Specifically, Gendlin's research found that successful therapy clients reference their bodies in the moment as they talk about their problems. These clients say things like, “I have this funny feeling in my stomach,” or “it’s . . . uh . . . it’s right here in my chest, a tightness.” Unsuccessful therapy clients stay up in their heads as they talk. Focusing To help clients listen to their bodies, Gendlin created a skill called “Focusing.” Focusing helps us listen to our innate embodied wisdom, our inner knowing. Focusing is a gre

About this blog

Welcome! You'll find a mix of writings here about cultivating an embodied life. Some posts are educational topics I teach in therapy. Others reflect on awareness, compassion and radical intimacy with the present moment as helpful dispositions in navigating life.

My intention, no matter what the subject, is to support your unique unfolding toward greater wholeness, creativity, and aliveness. As Howard Thurman says, '“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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