The gift of engaged presence

Our greatest longing is to be seen, felt, and loved by another. To deeply connect. To have our whole self met -- body to body, heart to heart, mind to mind. To be fully embraced exactly as we are. This kind of meeting is life-giving. And yet, how rare it is that we encounter this gift of attuned attention, presence, and connection with another. Our longing to be deeply met by another is neurologically hard-wired. As infants, we require the love and presence of a caregiver to mirror and meet our needs. We quite literally come to know ourselves and grow our sensitive nervous systems through this exchange. Optimally, our parent empathically attunes to our somatic-emotional world -- holding, con

What your body knows

Have you ever heard yourself say "I know I should love myself, but deep down I really don't." Or, "I know the past wasn't my fault, but I still feel guilty and wrong." As a therapist, I hear these sentiments a lot. What is this disconnect between our intellectual knowing and actual lived experience? Most of us have a grand narrative, a verbal story, that we tell ourselves about who we are and what has happened in our lives. And most of us overlook the rich and complex story of ourselves that is told by our bodies. When we learn how to understand the language of the body, we gain insight into the unconscious physical habits and patterns that create difficulties for us by perpetuating old stor

About this blog

Welcome! You'll find a mix of writings here about cultivating an embodied life. Some posts are educational topics I teach in therapy. Others reflect on awareness, compassion and radical intimacy with the present moment as helpful dispositions in navigating life.

My intention, no matter what the subject, is to support your unique unfolding toward greater wholeness, creativity, and aliveness. As Howard Thurman says, '“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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